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  • Stress Test Web :  How much stress are you really under? Assess it here.
  • Multi- intelligence : This assessment provides some insight to your learning styles.
  • learning Styles:  This is an assessment of whether or not you are more audo, visual or kinesthetic.
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Paper: What to keep, What to release:  Download this and read before first home organizing session

shelf-life-guide-2013-update: This is a well put together document with good sourcing about using food past the sell-by, use-by, best-by, expires-by dates.  Use at your own risk.  I guide you to the information and you make your own decisions. I never have more than I use and everything is bought with a plan in mind for that week except beans and some other condiments.  So, I haven’t tested foods out of date bc that never happens for me.  But, I am a freak of nature in this regard, as many professional organizers are.