Investing in Lasting Change

We are very careful to do accurate assessments during our initial contacts with you regarding the potential for lasting change.  Our commitment to insuring lasting change is strong and deep.  Our self-satisfaction and reputation depends upon it.

Because each person, family and situation is different we are happy to invite you to our contact us page to receive your free 1/2 hour phone consultation.  During our conversation we can help you determine which service will best get you to your goals.  We price your services based on how much you will be using us and the types of services you may need.  We have a menu of services to draw upon in creating tailored solutions for you.


Our charges are between $55 and $75 per hour for our sessions and $25 per hour for shopping. Our Coaching services are always determined on an individual basis. We also have a couple of income based discount programs available which can bring our rates down lower (please inquire, spaces in this program are limited).  More detail on our FAQs page

We always do our best to work within your budget.  We can often do that better than others because of the variety of services and expertise that we offer.

  • One thing to remember is that while we charge by the hour for the time we spend providing services directly to you, we also spend a considerable amount of time when we are not with you delivering your donations and recyclables, coming up with ideas, preparing for your sessions, looking for resources and following up with you on the phone.  All included in your hourly rate.
  • Sometimes, with those of us who are not so much unable to organize themselves, but are just too busy, success in lasting change may mean letting go of some projects for later or hiring some supports.  Often people are too busy to keep up and are not willing to let go of any projects or endeavors that would allow them to have more balance.  In these cases hiring support people is sometimes the only way to make it all happen.

We cannot wait for the opportunity to speak with you! So, take the plunge. Get organized. Invest in lasting change that will provide wellbeing throughout all areas of your space, mind and body by giving us a call or completing our sign-up form!