Book Recommendations

Do you need some recommendations on books to read.  I know I always do. The books on this page are our recommendations.  They are empowering, thought provoking, or informational and relate to your personal development in Mind, Body, Spirit and Space. As you look through the titles and descriptions remember that you can download books in Kindle and Audible versions.  I just learned the other day that with Audible the books and courses are downloadable from the PC website in a .pdf format.  I was excited about this because I can listen to the book and then go to the .pdf version to dive deeper into the books content.

If you haven’t heard of Audible. It is a monthly subscription site that is a sister company in Amazon like kindle.  For the monthly fee you get a monthly credit to purchase a book for free.

We are living in an age were access to information and learning materials for self-improvement is so easily and affordable that we almost cannot justify at all not engaging in self-learning.

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