Life and Personal Development Coach, Energetic Intuitive, Professional Organizer and Writer

Judy Mauer, BSW – Tampa Bay, FL

I Graduated with Honors in 1998, with a Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) and a minor in interpersonal communications from the University of South Florida. In addition, there has been both formal and informal education in business, psychology, sociology, systems theory, communication, physics and human energetic dynamics.

At the core of my approach is the Systems Theory. This is an integrative, holistic approach based in an understanding of our inter-connectedness & inter-relatedness to everything within and around us.   It’s a strengths perspective, looking at all that is right or good and building from there.

I have successfully owned and operated three businesses, founded one non-profit and have seven years’ experience in organizational development and social services oversight. I have managed teams of up to 78 people, have developed and taught parenting courses and a variety of other team building courses.

Most importantly, since 2004 I have been participating with my clients as a Life and Personal Development coach.  As a natural evolution in 2006 I began using Space Organizing as the perfect catalyst for my client’s self-discovery, personal clarity, smoothing out of life transitions and goal orientation.

In 2019, I moved to the Cayman Islands and am no longer available for in-person organizing/coaching sessions.  All of my work with clients is done virtually now and there is a heavy emphasis on life coaching.

My life’s passion is assisting others in finding intuitive and strategic ways to change and make their lives to look more like their dreams. Your home is the perfect reflection of everything that is you and your life now.  Therefore, your space and its conditions will always be a focus of my coaching process with you. Every day the first moment you touch your foot to the floor you are stepping into an environment that can serve to support any change or direction you are trying to create.

You know how they say, “dress for the job you want not the job you have.”  I say create the space you need, for the life you want.

I help you become your best self by coaching you holistically.