Professional Organizer, Life and Personal Development Coach, Energetic Intuitive, and Writer

Judy Mauer, BSW – Tampa Bay, Fl

Graduating with Honors in 1998, Judy received her Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) and a minor in interpersonal communications from the University of South Florida. In addition to this generalist counseling degree, she has had both formal and informal education in business, psychology, sociology, systems theory, communication, physics and human energetic dynamics.

She has successfully owned and operated three businesses, founded one non-profit and has 7 years experience in organizational development and social services program oversight. She has managed teams of up to 78 people, has developed and taught parenting courses & a variety of other team building courses including FISH and Meyers Briggs.

Most importantly, she has been participating with her clients as a Life and Personal Development Coach since 2004.  In 2004, Judy founded a spiritual center that was dogma free with the only core value of: Celebrate each person, where they are and their unique path to discovering themselves and spiritual meaning in life. In 2006, Judy began using Space Organizing as the perfect catalyst for her clients to become clear and goal oriented.

Judy’s favorite saying is, “to thy known self be true” (a slight revision of her own).  Her goal as a coach it to assist her clients on their path to self-discovery using their space and its conditions as the catalyst.  This is because the spaces we inhabit are perfect reflections of who we are and what is going on in our lives.  As we move & arrange our stuff and begin to love our spaces all levels of our inner perceptions begin to change for the better. We become more ourselves.

While all of her training and experience are integral to what makes her stand out among other Coaches and Professional Organizers, at the core of her approach is the Systems Theory. Systems Theory is an integrative perspective and holistic approach firmly based in an understanding of our essential inter-connectedness & inter-relatedness to everything within and around us.   The approach is one of a strengths perspective.  We look at all that is right or good and build from there.

She applies this approach to help you explore the patterns of relationship between your inner “self” and your outer environment.