All of our organizers and staff are committed to the fulfilling the vision and mission of Creatively Organizing.


  • Guiding individuals in navigating life transition, personal development, emotional intelligence mastery and life design.
  • Inspiring order and facilitating smooth positive transformation in the spaces and lives of our customers.


  • Assist individuals in thier quest to become their best selves through one-on-one coaching
  • Guide our customers in their quest for order and life balance using space organizing processes as the catalyst.
  • Provide any resources that will assist in creating the space and the lives our customers deserve.
  • Ensure the changes achieved are lasting.



  • Our Team

    Judith Mauer, BSW, Founder

    Judy Mauer, BSW – Tampa Bay, FL I Graduated with Honors in 1998, with a Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) and a minor in interpersonal communications from the University of South Florida. In addition, there has been both formal

    Professional Organizer Carol Fross

    Carol Fross

    Carol Fross, Tampa Bay, FL Carol “found her paradise home” when she moved to the Tampa Bay Area from West Central/Southern Illinois in 2005. If asked when she began organizing, she’ll tell you her earliest memory is of spending time

    Professional Organizer Judie Rolland

    Judie Rolland, MsEd

    About Judie, MsEd – Florida Panhandle & Paris France With a passion for order, Judie joins the Creatively Organizing Team, to serve Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas (we also call on her for larger project in Tampa Bay).  She brings