What is a Virtual Organizing?:

You bring a Virtual Organizer into your home through:

  • A one click link to join a web conference, just you and your virtual organizer.
  • A one click link to join on your phone allowing you to take your organizer with you through you home or office.
  • the use of a dedicated web conference service that has better quality than FB, Skype, Google Hangouts.

Your Benefits:

  • All the same benefits of our in person organizing services.
  • Recorded virtual sessions provided to you for your future reference.  Completely private. We delete our copy.
  • Get our lowest discounted package rate without having to pre-purchase 15, 20, or 30 hours up front.  $55 per hour (2 hr minimum, in person is 3).

Who is a good candidate?:

  • You want to be expertly inspired, guided and energized through your Organizing process.
  • You want to conserve and be frugal with your budget.  Save money in exchange for the physical labor an organizer normally brings to in person sessions.
  • You need the accountability provided by scheduled appointments during or outside of normal business hours.
  • You have moderate technical skills and good equipment i.e. a desktop w/camera and a smart phone of a newer model to insure quality video.
  • You don’t have an organizer in your area.


Try something new!  You risk nothing by trying a free session with a virtual organizer.

We do this because we want to make sure that the technical side of your virtual organizing session will work for you and that you can gain more confidence in us through a live face time interaction where you can sample our services.  We will complete our normal initial phone consult with you but recorded in a web conference.

Complete the form below and we will call you to schedule your session. The form is coming, please text us with your information, name, phone, email. 727-420-9941