General Questions

How long has Creatively Organizing been operating?

We have been in business since 2006.


Will I need to purchase organizing products?

We do not encourage pre-purchasing of any organizing products.  As we sort and clear typically many organizing products are emptied and can be re-purposed.  We have found that unless someone is requesting to beautify a particular area in decorator mode (such as matching containers) very few organizing products, if any, need to be purchased.

Currently, we don’t sell any products and remain objective about your space and conservative with your cash.

Do we work with Chronically Disorganized people, those with ADD, etc?

Yes, we do work with people who experience symptom of  both and we have a lot of experience in this area.  Judy has been featured on the Television show Hoarders and specialized in the area of chronic disorganization for over 10 years.  All of our organizers are trained in assessment and coaching of those who are chronically disorganized.

Many of our customers also experience, depression, anxiety, etc.  Our work is not licensed therapy, but it is therapeutic.  We do work with a variety of mental health professionals and make recommendations for those who request it.  We also have resources and information for those whose insurance doesn’t cover licensed mental health.

Garages, do we organize them?

Yes, we do organize garages.  However, we only work on organizing garages from October through April.


Please refer to our pricing page found in our navigation menu under About Us

In Person Sessions

What is a home Organizing Initial Consultation?

We have two types of home Organizing Initial Consultation.

  1. One is its own appointment and it last between 1 1/2 – 3 hours. We . . .
    • get to know you
    • explore and access the particulars of your dynamics.
    • discuss and/or clarify your vision.
    • identify potential solutions and craft a solutions support plan using our menu of services
    • share “unique to you” insights and tips
    • review handouts and introduce you to organizing principles.
    • sometimes we will organize one small area such as an end table or area on the kitchen counters.
  2. Two is a combination of the above and a hands-on session and it lasts 4 hours. We . . .
    1. take 1 hour to complete the above
    2. get started immediately with a hands-on session

During your free 1/2 hr phone consultation your Organizer will make a recommendation of which would best suit you and your unique circumstances.

What do I need to do to prepare for sessions

We recommend that you don’t do anything to prepare.  It is important for us to see your space as it is because we gain valuable insights into your particular situation.  With these insights we can better develop strategies and systems of order to match your unique needs and goals.

How long are the sessions?

We have a three hour minimum for sessions.  We have found over our many years in business that 3 hours is enough to complete an organizing goal and leave you  feeling refreshed and synergized.  Often people feel motivated enough to take a break and then get going on their own after we have gone.  We want to come, teach you our strategies and methods, empower you so that you can organize yourself and maintain the order independent of us, if this is your goal.

Some people have the organizing skills and may need help with time management, or someone to just cant get it done because they are so very busy.  We help everyone in ways designed specifically to their needs and goals.

More facts coming soon . . .