General Questions

How long has Creatively Organizing been operating?

We have been in business since 2006.  Our original operating DBA name was “The Home Coach”, In 2008 we changed our DBA to Creatively Organizing, and developed the Logo, which is our name with a mirror reflection.  This symbolizes our guiding understanding that everything in our outer environments is an exact reflection of our inner environment.  At any given time your home or office is a snapshot of what is going on inside.


Will I need to purchase organizing products?

We do not encourage pre-purchasing of any organizing products.  It has been our experience that our customers have accumulated organizing products that can be repurposed. As we sort and clear typically many organizing products are emptied and can be repurposed.  We have found that unless someone is requesting to beautify a particular area in decorator mode (such as matching containers) very few organizing products, if any, need to be purchased.

We may make recommendations for some things for our more clever tailored solutions. We give alternatives too.  So don’t worry.  Currently, we don’t sell any products and remain objective about your space and conservative with your cash.

Do we work with Chronically Disorganized people, those with ADD, etc?

Yes, we do work with people who experience symptom of  both.  Many of our customers also experience, depression, anxiety, etc.  Call us for your free 1/2 consult to inquire which organizer will best suit your symptoms.

Garages, do we organize them?

Yes, we do organize garages.  However, we only work on organizing garages from October through April.


Our pricing varies depending on your goals and what types of services you are interested in.  Our Pricing ranges between $25 per hour for shopping to $75 per hour for our most Skilled services.  We currently charge small businesses the same as we do our personal residential services.  We make every effort to create a plan with you that is affordable to you.

In Person
  • Initial Consultations:
    • Stand alone appointment, $125
    • Initial Consultation/Session Combination (4 hrs), $270
  • Organizing Sessions:
    • Regular rates, $65 per hour
    • Package rates, $55 to $60 per hour depending on how many hours you pre-purchase.
    • Move-in Unpack, $55 per hour
    • Pack-to-Move, we no longer provide these services. However, upon request we have a moving guide that is very helpful and will coach you through the process, if you like.
  • Income Discount Program:
    • This program is designed for customers that are on fixed income, are low income, or are facing financial difficulties. Each of our Organizers, at their discretion may work with one customer who qualifies for our Income Discount Program.  Discounts are offered on a sliding scale basis and range from $45 to $60 per hour.
  • Virtual Organizing:
    • Regular Rates, $55 per hour (billed hours include time on the phone, using video conferencing, putting together written communications when utilized)
    • Package Rates, Call us for your free initial 1/2 consultation and we will share our packages, or develop one especially for you.
  • Coaching and Personal Development:
    • site under development, contact us for more information on our Coaching and Personal Development services.
In Person Sessions

What is a home Organizing Initial Consultation?

We have two types of home Organizing Initial Consultation.

  1. One is its own appointment and it last between 1 1/2 – 3 hours. We . . .
    • get to know you
    • explore and access the particulars of your dynamics.
    • discuss and/or clarify your vision.
    • identify potential solutions and craft a solutions support plan using our menu of services
    • share “unique to you” insights and tips
    • review handouts and introduce you to organizing principles.
    • sometimes we will organize one small area such as an end table or area on the kitchen counters.
  2. Two is a combination of the above and a hands-on session and it lasts 4 hours. We . . .
    1. take 1 hour to complete the above
    2. get started immediately with a hands-on session

During your free 1/2 hr phone consultation your Organizer will make a recommendation of which would best suit you and your unique circumstances.

What do I need to do to prepare for sessions

Read through the booklet provided to you during your initial consultation.  If you are starting with our Initial Combination Session,  you can go to our learn>download page and read our handout so that you become familiar with what is involved with the organizing process during a session. We will provide you with a password to open the document.

How long are the sessions?

We have a three hour minimum for sessions.  Of course you can have us for longer. Ask your organizer about our discounted daily rates. Under special circumstances such as health and location on a case by case basis your organizer may allow shorter sessions if pre-arranged.

More facts coming soon . . .