Here You Are.  You have Arrived!

Do you have a desire to do something different to gain different results?  Have you struggled to get there on your own?  Or, maybe time just doesn’t allow you to get it all done.  You are now questioning whether some professional help would be wise . . .

Let’s explore this together,

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First, Is Clutter Suffocating you?    Take a little break and imagine . . .

Imagine when you walk through your front door, you feel clear, relaxed and ready to entertain or enjoy your home.

Just imagine . . . what it would feel like if you opened your office door and found your desk organized in a way that inspired you to work on the tasks at hand.  You quickly know what the tasks at hand are.

Take a moment to think what kind of clutter is keeping you from this imagined you: Mental, Emotional, Physical Space, Body, Relationship . . .

Professional Organizers Taking it to the Next Level

There are always less physical aspects of benefit, like a clear mind and more time to enjoy life.

Starting with your first call, you will begin to feel better and find a growing confidence in our compassion, skill and longstanding experience.

In our 14th year of organizing we are proud to have developed  . . .

Our Menu of Professional Organizer Services 

  • Organizing Space by transfoming your physical surroundings (home or business)
  • Developing essential Habits of Maintenance (take our online course “Habit Savvy”)
  • Strategizing & Coaching in Time Management
  • Coaching in  life design, exploring the dimensions of mind, body and emotion as reflected in your surroundings
  • Virtual Organizing or Life Design Sessions. Learn More

We facilitate your visions with this menu of services.  They are available options in building a customized plan to satisfy your vision and work within your budget.

Our Customers have been sharing with us since 2006 that they hired their home Organizer here because they found out during their first conversation with us that our goal was to bring lasting customized organizing solutions and keen insights to the physical and less physical aspects of getting organized.

Hiring a Professional Organizer

Lasting Change

If you want to achieve the full range of home organizing benefits, go about it efficiently and learn more about yourself,  hiring a Professional Organizer  is well worth the investment.  The difference between having someone come and just help you and hiring a Professional Organizer is the lasting change a Professional Organizer will facilitate.  Change is something that we all resist even when we desperately want it.  Unconsciously, the resistance shows up in many unique forms and differently for everyone.  A good Professional Organizer will approach the process in a way that allows you to smoothly navigate the changes.

Guidance and Options

These changes include moving your belongings, deciding and choosing what to keep and what to let go of, changing where things are kept and creating habits of maintenance.   A really good organizer will get to know you and guide you through presenting options and giving insights about how to best create new order, beautiful surroundings and good habits.  We strive to introduce change at a “unique to you” pace so you can incorporate developing the habits of maintaining your refreshed and re-organized space.  A professional organizer will present options for creating systems of order that maximize time and ease of maintenance.

Non-Physical Benefits

The process of organizing touches or effects the non-physical aspects of life in mind, emotion, relationship, health and routine.  Your home organizer will be able to guide and or support you through the non-physical aspects with a level of skill that you will not get elsewhere.    You maintain control over how you walk your unique organizing path.  A Professional Organizer will provide you with the knowledge, support, insights and strategies (also, do the heavy work) to make your walk seem like a hike through your favorite natural setting.

Once you begin to get organized you will feel that life begins anew with potential and increased vigor.  Your confidence will increase as our foundation (home or office) gains your attention and you take action to begin organizing.  This starts with your first call to us.  We usually spend an average of 30 min with you on that first call.

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