About Judie, MsEd – Florida Panhandle & Paris France

With a passion for order, Judie joins the Creatively Organizing Team, to serve Pensacola, FL and surrounding areas (we also call on her for larger project in Tampa Bay).  She brings all the skills and experience necessary to provide you services as your professional organizer.

You will find Judie is a dynamic, fun, positive person who will create tailored solutions with great skill.  She is completely impassioned by her work as a professional organizer.

Her education includes a BA in Human Development and an MS in Teaching. Making her a perfect fit for imparting organizing principles and giving you the tools you need to become your own effective organizer.  She understands people, their personalities and what organizing solutions are going to uniquely match up to you and your lifestyle and time constraints.

Tiny spaces

She is great with working up solutions for any tiny space too!  Judie lived in Paris for the 10 years organizing and operating her own business teaching English as a Second Language.  This along with maintaining two homes as she commuted back and forth to Hungry has given her keen skill in and appreciation for what it means to create functional small spaces. If you live in Paris, you live in a tiny space!  She can make any tiny space feel roomy with optimal function.

During her years of experience as an In-flight Instructor and a private jet galley designer, she not only put her teaching skills to work but also her organizing skills in creating systems of service flow and designing galleys which earned her the status as the designer of choice in that industry.

Office Experience

In her work as a Legal Assistant, her employers gained systems of organization that have continued to provide ultimate efficiency and years later are still in use.  She knows what to keep and what to toss when it comes to paperwork.

Small Businesses

As a successful small business owner, she has a keen eye for the unique challenges that entrepreneurs’ face in organizing and operating their businesses.  As a part of the management team for GAP she was responsible for a team of 100 sales associates, she fine tuned her natural organizing skills in working with the “big picture”.  Her success in merchandising bears witness to her ability to work with large spaces and create appealing functionality.

Whether you have a large or a small space to organize, or time-management that needs improvement, and live in the Pensacola, FL area she is your girl for getting organized.