Healthy living, in part, equates to the level of effort we are willing to exert in making choice about what we eat. The value in the efforts we make to choose healthy foods for our bodies are not measurable. Our body is our vehicle and if the oil is low or there is sugar in our gas tank, well its not going to work well and we are not going to have what it takes to create the fulfilling lives we desire.

In fact, if you put sugar in your car’s gas tank it will rapidly turn it into a heap of junk. Over time, it will do the same to your body. It’s not sugar itself that is horrifically bad for our engines. It is sugar introduced to our digestive tracks without fiber or other components that slow down our metabolism of it. It is sugars rapid entry to our system that causes a problem that compounds over time.

I recommend you watch this movie “Fed Up” to educate yourself on the culture of food in America. While the theme of discussion in this film harbors around children and obesity there is a lot of good basic information about our food culture and how sugar works in the body. A basic knowledge foundation and a couple of dietary changes are a good place to start if you aren’t feeling well.

After you watch this you might feel pumped up to educate more or to make a drastic commitment like stopping the intake of all sugar. Please don’t go drastic on yourself. If you want lasting change, our bodies, minds and spirits handle and integrate slower change more efficiently. I recommend you educate yourself more and take a few of the smaller tasks to hand first.

  • Try to buy your food more from the outside isles and less boxed, bagged, canned things.
  • Pick one thing to eliminate completely from your diet and don’t make that thing the thing that you are most addicted to, like chocolate. These might be fried foods, fruit juice, white bread, yogart with fruit.
    Start reading labels and become familiar with what those 24K long words that you can’t pronounce mean. Two great apps to give you instant info on any ingredient:

During my own process I started using the app above. I became frustrated with the time consuming looking up so many things that I just started only buying items that don’t have big words in them. If you get overwhelmed, remember it is impossible to remember them all for anyone.  Take a deep breath, changing eating choices is a process.  Try to flow with it.


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