How to Improve Memory With Good Habits

By, Judy Mauer, BSW

If you are or ever have been worried about what seems to be a lapsing memory, there are lots of ways to improve it.  Here is a quick video for you to help Improve memory.  With a little understanding and a focus on a few improvement habits you can definitely improve your memory, putting your worries (which actually cause more memory impairment) to rest.

As we age, become overly stressed, experience trauma, accidently become deprived of sleep, food, water or exercise, we will notice a shift in our ability to recall or retain information. When we notice a lacking memory, we don’t necessarily associate it with the factors of stress and intake.  Fear is often the first reaction.  “Oh my, am I sick?”  “Do I have dementia?”  “Oh no is my brain getting old and just not as capable”.

Dr. Lara Boyd, a researcher, when talking about learning, memory and the brains ability to change says,

“the ensuing research has shown us that all of our behaviors change our brain. That these changes are not limited by age, it’s good news right? And in fact they are taking place all the time.”

Today:  I am refreshing you with a dose of reminders to improve memory.  For many this is not new information.  It is always good to see it again to reignite our focus on the health of our brains.

Disclaimer:  I am not sure that I would ever use his castle method described at the end.  Seems like a little too much for me, but it is interesting.

Take a minute, have a glass of water, a healthy snack enjoy and share with us your thoughts.


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