One Week’s Trash:

One might think of babies when they think of tiny foot prints. That’s good. Because the images that come to us when we think of babies are those of purity, protection and mindful care. Thats how I would hope that everyone thinks of our earth. As though she is a resiliant yet precious child that we are responsible to care for

Do you want to join me on my journey in discovering and taking tiny steps that produce big impacts? Tiny steps that stomp out polution leaving huge grown up foot prints of love and care?

I am talking about recreating our lives little by little where we contribute less and less to polution.

I am committed to this. Currently, I am working to reduce my use of plastic. These pictures are of this weeks trash and a picture of one month’s collected recycle.

What does yours look like? How can we care more for our earth and reduce our foot prints? First focus is plastic.

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