Consciousness is awareness.  When we become conscious we become aware of some ‘thing’.  That ‘thing’ equates to all experiences, objects and unseen forces that make up our world. Our brains are the mechanism of our awareness, obviously.  Our brains serve as our bridge between the stimulus we receive and what we manifest as our lives and the material world around us.

If you have landed on this page you are  experiencing some form of mental clutter produced in any variety of ways. All space clutter is the expression of mental clutter.  And all space clutter compounds and creates more mental clutter.  It is a reciprocal relationship.

What I hope that you will understand is that in order to truly change your life you must grow your awareness of what is actually driving the creation of the clutter.  Once this awareness is achieved it opens the door to the choices available to you.

After coaching hundreds of people in the creation of order in their homes and offices, I can only say that those who are the most successful in finding lasting changes with our services are those who are willing to participate in growing their consciousness through personal behavioral, mental and emotional exploration.  It is vitally important to master habit formation and time management in order to become a more successful manifester in your world.

The success I am speaking about is having a general sense of happiness with the direction and accomplishment of your life.  Only you can define that.

We were designed as social beings and we develop our consciousness most effectively through friends, mentors, coaches and other interpersonal relationships.

While coaching is my business, it cannot be forgotten that a coaching relationship is an interpersonal relationship.  I am a coach and my purpose is to help others along their path to self-discovery and guide in the formation of skill sets that are absolutely necessary to creating the lives they long for even if the only change you desire is a neater closet, or a garage that you can park your car in.

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