What is body Clutter, it is excess weight or dis-ease that comes from illness, injury and lack of fitness. Everyone experiences some form of it throughout their lives even if only minimally and temporarily.

This blog category is dedicated to assisting you in exploring how and why body clutter is showing up for you.  More than that, we are dedicated to helping you find solutions.    We will be posting about other books, as we read them and also other resources and our own articles.  We hope you will find us on Facebook with the tiny icon in the top right corner of this page. Like us because we have networked our blog there and you will be able to follow our posts there.

There are two wonderful books that talk about body clutter from Authors in the Professional Organizing Industry that I highlight here to get you started on your journey of discovery. Click on the pictures to go to our book page for links to excerpts and purchase.

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