Closet Organizing Ideas
I can easily take the containers off the shelf and put them back.  If there is a home for everything and you put things away  using your “clean sweep” habit, you will be successful at keeping up your house.

Here we are again.  The new year is upon us and what will we do with it.  For me it is about beauty!  Home organizing with a smashing sense of style without compromising functionality.  For many of my customers the first priorities are function, ease of maintenance and clarity.

Once you master your priorities it’s time to have fun expressing your true nature through design & color.

This is my linen closet.  Time to make it pretty. What jumped out at me in the store was the blue.  Try to be open to your natural attractions.  Let them speak to you.  I was so attracted to the blue that I decided to change the decor in my bathroom from a deep red to this color.   I kept my purchases to the closet organizing and will do the bathroom little by little or all at once later.  This gives me an opportunity to shop around and really find the deals on my new happy blues.

I spent the most on this shelf at $10 for each container, the upright fake books are storing all of my extra bathroom items.  There is one each for nails, dental, travel & Pharmacy.  In order to secure them from opening because of the weight of the objects inside, I used Velcro and superglue to fasten them shut. Take note that I am a minimalist and therefore don’t have much to store and these work for me.  If you shop at Sams, Costco, etc. you will need different options for containers, perhaps a different type of closet dedicated to your extras.

I really don’t like the way the wire shelving lip looks so I am experimenting with putting a face on them.  It is ribbon embellished with 1/2 inch scrap booking tape ($5.00).  The point here is beauty, color and the organizing principle of “No stacking”.

“No stacking?”, you might say.  Sometimes stacking is unavoidable, but try your best not to do this.  Each time you stack something on top of something you add time and difficulty to maintaining that space.  If you are going to stack something make sure that you organize the area in such a way that you have an empty spot to put things you need to remove in order to get to something in the middle or bottom container.  Containers pulled out a put on the floor often don’t make it back into the closet.  Gosh just saying that is more complicated than it is. 



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