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This staircase, hide-away storage solution is an AWESOME idea because of the many things it could be used for and it will limit available space for you to utilize visual clues.  If this storage solution were in your home, how would you utilize it?

It would be a great place to store things like your most used shoes and your purse or brief case.  Also, it could be a great place to storage anything you need to take with you when you leave.   Beyond that the options are really limitless.

Remember your visual space is something that can energize or deplete you.  Finding homes for things that you don’t need visual clues for will create a space that is more uplifting.

Visual Clues:

Visual clues are things in your home that when seen remind you of something important.  So, you can make homes for belongings out in the open if they remind you of things that you need to regularlly remember. For example, you might leave place your phone charging station somewhere on the path you must take to leave your house.  This way you will see your phone and be sure to grab it.

However, if you have too much out in your visual space the clues you need can be snuffed out and your brain will not register them.  Alternately, if you have a relatively clear space with one or two thing within your view, you will likely notice them.  Visual clues

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