After several stressful years, I needed to reconnect to myself.  I went to Grand Cayman and stayed for three weeks. I started my stay with some much needed pampering which ended with a pedicure (that I did myself).

I was reminded of the exercise I often give my clients to help them connect to themselves where I have them sit comfortably, close their eyes, and focus all their attention on their toes.  I ask them to notice temperature, textures of the floor, itches, pains, pings.  I guide them up the feet, legs and so on until we reach the top of the head.

Staring at my beautifully painted toes, I thought yes this is a good way to start my stay.  Actually, what was called for was staying with each body part for a day or more until I felt fully connected to each and I became fully present with each moment.

Here is a video I made of the adventure me and my toes had in the process.  It was quite lovely! People all my life have often called me weird.  Yes I  am-And I love being so.


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